Helter Chelters

Harry I’ve just returned from a lovely autumnal weekend in Cheltenham – a rather pretty spa town in the West Country where some of Puffin’s biggest and brightest stars entertained the masses at the annual literature festival including Eoin Colfer, Cathy Cassidy, Charlie Higson and more.  It was ace! I mean, what better way to start a sunny Saturday morning than RAAAAAHRING along with Ian Whybrow, creator of Harry and the Dinosaurs!  I was, however, slightly embarrassed to discover that four-year olds know more about dinos than me.  When I was four I wouldn’t have even been able to say the word Pterodactyl – let alone know what one was! (For those of you who are scratching their heads, it’s one of the dinosaurs that had wings and could fly). 

I also got a hearty dose of rhythm and rhyme on Sunday afternoon when Roger McGough entertained fans young and old with snippets of his new book Slapstick and many more hilarious poems including one he wrote on the train from London about a lady talking on her mobile phone in the quiet coach! 

It’s so much fun accompanying such great authors to festivals and as a member of the Puffin team I was able to hang out in the prestigious Writer’s Room where all the other festival speakers drink tea and eat biscuits.  I found myself slightly star-struck at one point when TV presenter Andrew Marr was sat next to me – he’s the god of current affairs and the best interviewer ever!

Reetu Kabra
Press Officer