Then . . .

Then G’day. I’ve popped over from Australia for a few days to see how preparations are going for the launch of my new book Then in January.

You’re probably thinking 12,000 miles is a bit of a long haul just to choose the ink colour (black) and spell my name right on the cover.

It is, I s’pose. But Then is a special book for me. The two young characters, Felix and Zelda, have been an important part of my life for several years now. I discovered as I wrote the first part of their story in Once that their journey across Nazi-occupied Europe in 1942 had qualities I hadn’t encountered before in my work.

Black is an appropriate colour for the ink in both these books, but for me the stories also glow with the colours of a wonderful friendship. Unfortunately the printer tells me he’s out of mother-of-pearl ink.

I hope you get to meet Felix and Zelda, and see for yourself how their friendship shines through the dark clouds that surround them.

I’ll be back in February to do some author events and make sure the reviewers spell my name correctly. Perhaps I’ll get to meet you too.

Morris Gleitzman