Little rays of Puffin sunshine

It might be grey and miserable out there and it might be time to put your itchy socks on and head back to school, but here at Puffin Towers there’s been lots going on to make life a little more exciting.

Dahldaynew Saturday 13th September is THE most exciting day in everyone’s diary – it’s the day that we can all wear yellow and not worry about it clashing with our pale complexions, the day we can talk gobblefunk to each other and not be worried about getting funny looks AND the day we can eat loads of chocolate and claim it’s all in the name of books! Yes, it’s the third annual ROALD DAHL DAY! There were events up and down the country to celebrate in the style of the World’s number 1 storyteller and if they were anything like last year, then everyone was in for a scrumdiddlyumptious time!

And after months of secret meetings, brown paper bags and blindfolds we finally revealed the incredible cover for the new Young Bond adventure By Royal Command last week.

BrcIf this wasn’t exciting enough, every book contains a special code which is part of a mission in the Young Bond online game, called The Shadow War.  In the game, you get to become either a British SIS agent or a Russian OGPU spy and every Wednesday for 7 weeks we are releasing a brand new mission for the two sides!  You can join at any point so head over to to sign up and get your first mission briefing.

For this week’s mission, you need the code that’s printed in the actual book but somewhere out there just 20 special copies of By Royal Command have a different code inside them and we are just holding our breath to find out if anyone out there can find one of them! Could it be you?  And if it is you, you could help your side to win The Shadow War!

See, September is not so dull after all!

Emily Cox
Puffin Marketing Manager

Dahldaygirl Shadowwar