Weird2I started writing this book ages ago – at least it seems ages ago, but I guess that’s because a lot has happened to me since. I had enormous fun writing it even though there were lots of complications. The story line is straightforward, but since it is told by two separate narrators I had to be careful not to repeat myself. Also, one of the narrators happens to be a fourteen year old girl. Well, of course I have never ever been a 14 year old girl so it was fun trying to imagine what it might be like. I’ll let any girl readers decide if I’m anywhere near right!

I also had great fun with the people in the Care Home for the Elderly, especially Mrs Kowalski and her stealth slippers. I was amazed when I discovered that so many women had flown warplanes during the Second World War and pleased to be able to get something about that into the story. Then of course there’s the romantic aspect  of the story. That was fun, especially the Kiss of Life bit! As for naming one of the main characters Goat, you may like to know that my son’s nickname at school was just that – but definitely not for the same reason!

I hope you will enjoy reading WEIRD as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Jeremy Strong