Mermaids, mice and village fetes

Everyone in my department is living a bit of a jet set lifestyle at the moment. Brazil, Spain and America one week, Romania and Poland the next! They are all working hard though (or so they tell me) meeting foreign publishers and showing them all our fabulous books.

All these exotic locations do make me want to go to some far flung destination and lie on a beach . . . Especially because I currently have mice in my house. And not just your standard-run-of-the-mill-meek-and-mild-mice. Oh no. I’ve got James-Bond-all-star-action-hero-mice (which are far worse). You may be wondering how I know this, since one of the requirements of being super mice is a high level of stealth. Well, these mice keep managing to eat all the chocolate out of our traps without getting even a tiny bit caught. Now whilst I am pleased they like chocolate, (they are clearly mice after my own heart), it is getting a bit annoying. My current theory is that they’ve been secretly reading the Young Bond series and swotting up on tips. Seems like my only hope will be to try and catch them before Young Bond: By Royal Command gets published… that or get a cat!

I suppose the good news is that since the sun’s shining today I won’t have to go on holiday to get a tan. It would be nice to be by the sea though and feel the sand between by toes. Then I could munch on some ice cream and fish and chips. (Although not necessarily in that order).

MermaidGoing to the beach always makes me wish I could swim out for miles and dive down under the water without needing a big old tank strapped to my back. Coincidently Lizzy Baxter discovers she can do just that when her adopted family moves to Cornwall and she finds out her real mum was a mermaid. I can’t wait for the fourth title in the Mermaid’s Curse series by Louise Cooper to come out. I guess until then I’ll just have to go along to the Innocent Village fete this weekend and find lots of other books to read. It’s a tough life isn’t it?

Naomi Cartwright
Rights Assistant