Puffin Party Time!

We’ve been partying a lot here at Puffin lately.

Back in April, we held a very fun (and very pink!) party with Angelina Ballerina to celebrate her 25th birthday. There was ballet dancing, storytelling, and a rather fantastic cake! And, if you think Angelina seems old, then think back to Allan Ahlberg’s 70th birthday party just a few weeks ago. Picture book royalty (Raymond Briggs, Jan Pienkowski, Joyce Dunbar, Michael Foreman, Shirley Hughes and Andre Amstutz, to name just a few!) all turned out to celebrate 70 years of one of the nation’s best-loved author and poets. There was much marvelling at the 70 fantastic individually-wrapped presents, and yes, yet another rather fantastic cake (do you see a theme here?!)

Puffwelc_4But on Monday night, all of us at Puffin made our way to the beautiful Tate Modern for a party to top all parties: the Puffin Party. Imagine if you will, a party filled with Puffins. No, no, not ACTUAL Puffins (although our good friends at the RSPB did make an appearance, they alas left their bird-friends at home), but publishing Puffins! There were Puffin authors, Puffin illustrators, Puffin editors, Puffin publicists, Puffin booksellers – all different types of Puffins!

Puffpart1_2Picture book Puffins like Giles Andreae, Timothy Knapman and Ed Vere mingled with action-packed adventure Puffins like Charlie Higson and Tom Palmer. Gritty teen Puffins could be seen chatting to Linda Chapman, author of My Secret Unicorn, and brand new not-yet-published Puffins like Joe Berger, author/illustrator of the unstoppable Bridget Fidget (out in September), could be seen amongst classic Puffins like Rod Campbell, Raymond Briggs and Jan Pienkowski.

And was there cake? My word, there was cake! And ice-cream, and little tartlets, and chocolate, and all kinds of Puffin party food (it’s like normal party food, only yummier!)

PuffnbAnd what was the Puffin party to celebrate? Well, Puffin of course! From our wonderful backlist to our ever-so-exciting new authors. From our gorgeous covers to our sparkling parties and events. Puffin is quite simply Puffintastic – and what more reason do we need to celebrate?

Sophie Stott
Puffin Publicity