There’s a story in everyone/everything

Nebo_2Books come in all kinds of amazing shapes and sizes.  Some are really really tiny,some are the normal size that you find in libraries or bookshops and some are completely out of this world huge! Some books are completely full of pictures, some are full of words, some are full of special imaginary characters too but they all have one thing in common. Every book has a story!

So there I was on a train to Newcastle sitting next to the author, Zizou Corder, with one of the most amazing books ever! The Giant Book of Nebo is completely full up of exciting stories that open up your imagination to worlds un-chartered and people unknown. And do you know who the author of The Giant Book of Nebo is?  The fabled and world-famous writer of this great tome? None other than YOU! For it is full to the brim with the amazing entries we had for the exclusive Puffin story-writing competition we launched for Zizou Corder’s latest book LEE RAVEN BOY THIEF. We had thousands and thousands of entries, so many that it took weeks and weeks for us to read them all.  And it’s not called GIANT for nothing – we had to make it absolutely massive so that we could squeeze all your stories into it. 

Zizou_2And where was I going with this magical book, while sitting next to Zizou Corder?  We were on our way to a very important appointment and we were extremely excited.  There was even a bit of tension in the air as the train came to a stop in Newcastle train station.  For we were going to meet someone extraordinary, someone super bright, someone who writes the best stories ever.  We were going to see Katie Wright, the winner of the story-writing competition. The funny story of her alien robot brother now holds pride of place on the first page of The Giant Book of Nebo.

Now, before you go racing to the shops to buy The Book of Nebo, you won’t find it there and you won’t even find it in your local library, because it is an extraordinary one-of-a-kind book that has a special home at the Seven Stories, The Centre for Children’s Books. But its story doesn’t end there for you could embark on a journey of discovery with The Giant Book of Nebo – to read tales of alien robots, talking books, never-ending space, wrestling rings and a boy thief that has stolen something he really didn’t mean to.

Louise Heskett
Marketing Officer