Puffin goes green

RecyclepuffYesterday was World Environment Day and here at 80 Strand, we’ve been green all week. Not from eating loads of sweets or colouring in our faces with a green felt-tip, but by doing anything we can to save some energy and do our bit to be puffinvironmentally friendly. Whether it’s by switching off our monitors at night (so they get a good sleep) or chucking used paper into the recycling bins, everything counts.

Speaking of counting, lots of Puffins and Penguins will be taking to the streets of London today, yes we’re off on a ten (or for the really keen twenty) mile walk to raise money for The Woodland Trust. We’ve got our t-shirts, Mars bars and walking shoes at the ready, all we need now is for it not to rain. There’s nothing worse than looking like a drowned rat. Or in this case, bird. I’m just glad it isn’t a run because (a) I run like Daisy Duck and (b) well, I think that’s a good enough reason. We’re off to start stretching, so I’m going to leave you in the company of Green Puffin – don’t forget your wellies!

Sarah Kettle
Puffin Copywriter