There’s nuffin like a Puffin

Train_rideEmily and I went on an adventure on Friday, to see a lady about a puffin. Off we trundled to Kings Cross to catch the train out to the countryside, to a place called Sandy, in Bedfordshire to be exact. Cue random bursts of ‘Oh Saaaandy,well you came and you gave without taking, lalalalalalalalaaaaaaa’ until we remembered the song title is actually Mandy AND it’s by Barry Manilow, so all singing ceased and the train ride began. Fresh air and green fields greeted us upon our arrival, along with two lovely ladies from The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Puffin_2We’re Puffin Books, the RSPB do a great deal of work looking after and supporting puffin birds (along with lots of other bird species). So it made sense for us to meet up and have a chat about lots of exciting projects and events we can work on together. 

Have you ever seen a Puffin in the wild? Or at least, seen pictures of Puffins in the wild? With their brightly coloured beaks, funny little feet and flapping wings they’re fascinating to watch, but the funniest thing about a Puffin is the way it sounds. Have a listen on here. I once accidentally played this clip out loud at a time when our office was really quiet and let’s just say I got a few amused glances. Oops!

We’re still chatting through our ideas with the RSPB, but watch this space for some Puffin-related activities and competition prizes – and no, before you ask, we can’t arrange for you to win an actual Puffin. Shame. But maybe there will be a time when you can win a trip to see them in their natural environment. Of course, Emily and I Crusiewould have to do a Puffin cruise beforehand, to make sure it was the best prize we could offer, lots of fun, etc. Sigh, the things we have to do, eh. It’s a tough gig this, being a Puffin.

Sarah Kettle
Puffin Copywriter