Own goals, dirty tackles, Foul Play

I’m sure some of you will have watched the Liverpool v Chelsea Champions League match on telly the other night. 

What a cracker!  I was on the edge of my seat as both teams played a fast and furious game – so much so I fell off at one point!  As a Liverpool fan, I was sure Kuyt’s goal just before half time was going to secure their lead ahead of the next leg of the tournament. 

RiiseBUT NO! Riise (who I think looks a bit like a viking) managed, in the 94th minute to head the ball into his own goal.  A very Homer Simpson-esque DOH! spat from my lips thereafter.  Anyway, in case watching the beautiful game on the TV is too much for you (as it was for me), you can now read about it through the eyes of Danny, the star of the brand new Football Detective series. 

Foul_play_4The first one is called Foul Play and sees Danny trying to solve the mystery disappearance of a famous footballer from his city’s stadium.  Just as nail biting as watching Liverpool v Chelsea, but hopefully without a heartbreaking own goal at the end!

Reetu Kabra
Puffin Press Officer (and nervous Liverpool fan)