Our Famous Author Goes to Norfolk

BottomI’m on a train, somewhere between Norwich and London. I have just visited two schools in Norfolk. The first one was a school for children with various handicaps. Some were in wheelchairs and others were able to walk and talk but had other disabilities like being profoundly deaf or blind. I talked to them in small groups and read to them and answered their questions. They were brilliant! They asked some really good questions and made a lot of jokes, so we spent a lot of time falling about laughing. Some of them had just been to an activity camp and they had been canoeing. They managed to turn the canoe over and they all fell into the river, including the teacher. They thought it was hilarious!

They showed me a book of poems that had their work in. They’d written some terrific stuff. When I left I hoped that if ever I got something badly wrong with me I could be as cheerful and optimistic as they were. Congratulations, Clare School – it was an honour to meet you all!
The other school I went to was a small village school. They were really geared up for the visit and we had a great time. They shared me with another local school. I love making visits to schools because everyone is always so enthusiastic and the children often tell me good jokes or say funny things.

So now I’m on the train and on my way home. It will be another three hours or more before I get there. This is when I begin to feel pretty tired after talking all day long so I hope you won’t mind if I fall alseep now … ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Jeremy Strong
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