Laughter, tears and glitter everywhere!

Judge1_2Can you imagine what hundreds and hundreds of pieces of paper covered in everything from glitter to feathers, from heart-shaped stickers to felt flowers and from drawings to photos look like when you spread them out on a big table?  Can you imagine how difficult it is to pick just the best 100 knowing how special each one is?

Last week, the first stage of the judging for My Best Friend Rocks (Cathy Cassidy’s brilliant friendship award) took place at Puffin Towers. Joy from ChildLine came along to help sift through the mountain of entries from girls wanting to tell the world why their best friend ROCKS!  Some were funny, some were sad, some were touching, some were poetic, some were elaborate and some were simple, but all were great examples of how important friendship is.

Our 100 finalists will be invited to bring their bezzie along to The Cathy_festUltimate Friendship Festival in a park in central London in July.  It will probably be the most fun day ever, with workshops from our partner, Mizz magazine, t-shirt customising, makeovers, music and so much more.  AND Cathy will announce who the overall winner of the award is.  There will be tears, there will be laughter and that’ll just be from us Puffins!

I’m off to hose some of this glitter off and get back to the party planning.  There are a lot of giaVannt inflatable strawberries to order before July.

Emily Cox
Puffin Senior Marketing Officer