An Editor’s Life . . .

So last weekend, I tripped over a pile of laundry, fell down the stairs and knocked myself out for a second. I woke up to my friends concerned faces and cried, "Where I am? What am I doing here?"

Not a clever thing to do, not funny and definitely not recommended, but it got me thinking. If you lost all your memory and had a completely blank slate who would you decide to be and what would you do, if you could choose anything in the whole world?

I’ve always quite fancied being a spy so maybe I’d be super-sophisticated James Bond or since this is a no limits kind of conversation, maybe even Lara the Spy Dog? You’ve got to dig those shades …

Although thinking about it, perhaps the life of a spy seems like living on the edge just a little too much. I’m not a fan of big beefy villains that would chase after you anytime you fancied popping out to ASDA.

LuxeHmmm… I could really see myself as a lady of leisure, just like Elizabeth Holland in The Luxe (a book for our older readers) – swanning round in big fancy dresses, having servants run me big warm baths (with lots of bubbles), going to endless parties with various handsome young suitors. Yep, I think that’s a life to which I could become accustomed.

But, I tell you what, being an editor at Puffin isn’t actually half bad at all. You get to work with brilliant authors on their manuscripts and ask them anything you like about the story – it’s just like being inside the book itself! It’s your job to read lots of amazing stories and poems and talk about what you think of them with nice people who like books just as much as you do. And when a finished book that you’ve looked after (often for as long as a year from when it first comes in) lands on your desk all shiny, new and smelling of the printers…well, it’s one of the best feelings ever.

So, I guess it’s an editor’s life for me. Practically perfect. Although if I could just persuade one of my authors to run me a big bubbly bath

Lindsey Heaven
Puffin Senior Editor