You’re Being Watched . . .!

Seventh_tideHi! I’m Joan Lennon and this is my month to be guest blogger on the Puffin website.  Should be fun! The reason the nice people at Puffin asked me to do this month is because Thursday 3 April is the day that my book The Seventh Tide comes out.  If you’ve ever visited my other blog, you’ll know I’ve been twittering on about it for ages, and now finally the big day is here!

Want to see some cool computer stuff?

It’s a handy thing having a computer nerd in your family.  If I come up with a great idea for the website, for example, all I have to do is walk downstairs and say, “Hey – how about interactive bunnies?” or “You know what would be neat? Smells!  And temperature control!  And …”  Then what mostly happens is, my husband looks at me like I’m a complete idiot (fair enough – with computers I really don’t have much of a clue!) and says, “No.  You can’t do that.” 

Except sometimes it doesn’t happen like that!  Sometimes he says, “Well.  Hmmm.  Leave it with me.”

Click here to see what he came up with this time. What do you think?  I was really chuffed …

So what am I doing on the Launch Day for The Seventh Tide?  I’m going to celebrate!  I’m not going to write or rewrite or cook or do laundry.  I’m going to get on a train and go into Edinburgh and spend the whole day doing things I like.  There’s eating and drinking – I’m going to stop off in every coffee shop I see.  There’s shopping – I’m on the hunt for a really nice Viking Rune set, as research for another book I’m writing.  I’m also looking for plush toy ferrets – I have yet to see any that really look like Professor Hurple (he’s a character in The Seventh Tide that I’m pretty sure you’re going to love.  I do!)  And there’s always just wandering about the place with a big grin all over my face.

So if you happen to be in Edinburgh on Thursday 3 April, and you happen to see me, grin and all – make sure you come up and say Hello!

Cheers for now,
P.S.  Come back soon for some chat about The Seventh Tide and random other stuff.