Avril vs Anne

Avril Lavigne. Jim Carrey. Nelly Furtado. And Anne of Green Gables. All hugely famous Canadians, but only one is celebrating their 100th birthday this year.

AnneI know. 100 years old seems very old indeed. But for a feisty redhead like Anne, age just doesn’t seem to matter. Especially when she has utterly embraced the digital age. Did you know that there are more than 100 social networking groups dedicated to our favourite flame-haired heroine? Or that she’s totally big in Japan? Over there, her exploits and adventures are still being chronicled in a Manga Anime . . . eat your heart out Artemis Fowl.

Mark Twain, author of Huckleberry Finn (one of Darren Shan’s favourite books if his intro to the all-new Puffin Classics version is anything to go by) called Anne ‘The dearest and most lovable child in fiction since the immortal Alice.’ Another celebrity fan is Lauren Child, creator of Charlie and Lola, she’s writing the introduction to our Puffin Classics version due out in August.

BeforeBut the best present we get to open in Anne’s birthday year is an all-new prequel to the book. Before Green Gables tells the story of Anne’s early life, before she was adopted and sent to live on Prince Edward Island.

Canadian author Budge Wilson was handpicked from hundreds to write it, and from tiny snippets in the original she’s created a gorgeous, lose-yourself-in-the-pages books that’s just bound to get a whole new generation finding that Anne is a kindred spirit.

Jodie Mullish
Puffin Publicity Manager